Northern Aurora!

Dancing Lights

The Big Dipper shines through the northern lights!

The early September 2016 solar storm proved to be an Aurora photographer’s mecca of pure delight!  This just happened to be my first time of capturing images that I am proud enough to share with anyone!  There is certainly a technique to capturing this amazing natural wonder and after several (ok, lots) horrible failed attempts I feel that I have several images that I can put out in our universe and share with you.

Put the Camera Down, Take a Moment Aside from the photography aspect of capturing images of the Aurora Borealis, being a witness to this surreal occurrence can be overwhelming and most certainly intangible.  It is completely understandable why legends of the dancing lights are passed down through generations during this intimate moment of wonderment.  I say intimate because very few people are awake during the night hours and willing to freeze their fingers and nose all for a glimpse and a possible perfect image of the astonishing Aurora!

Just Because Aurora borealis is seen in the northern hemisphere whereas the aurora australis is seen in the southern hemisphere!


August 2016

     This young Canada Goose found it easier to run rather than fly to catch up with its family!

Hurrying and catching up is the main thought as Autumn is upon us here in southcentral Alaska!  Everything with the exception of rocks is getting ready for the onset of Winter!

As the tree’s leaves notice that the light is giving way to dark they begin to change from a beautiful flexible emerald green to a still beautiful crisp gold, red, and orange.  Animals and people alike are bustling around to prepare for the cold and snow.  Some of both species prepare to head south while others, including myself, prepare to put up food and tidy our homes to keep out the winter chills.

So for now we will hurry to build our stash and put it where it belongs, finish the painting projects, check the furnaces and fireplaces, and take some time to enjoy the season of colors and migrating birds!